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Hawl Al-Belad for Information Technology (HBIT)

First we would like to extend our sincere thanks contacting us..
We also have the honor to inform you of our history and expertise in development of the financial and service systems and applications of smart devices, and providing software solutions commensurate with the work size of the establishment in all its fields and sectors.
Hawl Al-Belad for information technology was established since 2005, it has been successful over the past few years to build strong relations with an important group of customers in the region, so we have become a great balance of success stories represented by our full range of applications and software solutions from A to Z, taking into account global developments in the field of programming and development.

We all intensify our efforts toward understanding our customers and what their requirements are, so that we can translate these efforts into designed specific solutions to satisfy the customer's desire by providing the best valuable software solutions.
We live in world with daily changeable requirements, so we try to supply many of flexible and comprehensive software solutions in order to help the customer on the planning and making the right administrative decision for the advancement of the work march of the establishment.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision: To be at the top of the pyramid of programming enterprises at the Arab and then the global level by bringing together the local knowledge of the market requirements and the global experiences that have been obtained to provide all the software and technical solutions in the field of programming and development.

Our Mission: Build confidence and absolute credibility with our customers by focusing on providing them our distinguished works from A to Z.
Because our customers are the measure of our success, we look at them as partners, and strive to consolidate the bonds of common interests among ourselves by providing the highest levels of support to get their business to the desired level.

Financial Systems

Our systems are specialized for resources management of establishments, in all fields, by providing many of possibilities that save time, effort and achieve the desired requirements for making the right administrative decisions.
Those systems have been entirely developed by (HBIT) Hawl Al-Belad for Information Technology.

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Restaurants System

This system of restaurant management has been designed after studying of market requirements and the needs of the operations and reports that help to make the right decision, taking into account the simplicity and facility of system handling on PCs and tablets (IOS - Android).
Also it supports all services offered by the restaurants as tables service, takeout orders and tasks distribution on the kitchen sections.

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General Accounting System

General accounting system is one of the most important systems that the establishments rely on. This system is the essential central point to several other associated systems by directed automated Journal Vouchers, that make this system as an integrated accounting work environment, and allow the follow-up and monitoring of all operations.

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Inventory Control System

Inventory management system is the cornerstone and the primary concern in any industrial or commercial establishment, where it represents a huge part of the automation process. So the tighten control on the inventory and the efficacious variables is the important work that should be focused on, to keep the march of the establishment.

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Customers Follow-up System

This system is one of the most important points required for any successful management to obtain an accurate and fast data of the customers movement as well as sales and collection processes, and determination of debt level of customers which is one of the basics of any business.

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Suppliers Follow-up System

Suppliers follow-up system is one of the points required for any successful management for accurate and fast data of suppliers movement as well as procurement processes and exchange bonds to know the entitlements and repayment periods of the establishment.

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Point Of Sale (POS) System

System is specialized for all fields contributes to save time by reducing manual procedures and get total and detailed reports for sales movements that help decision-makers to create a clear vision of revenues of the establishment.

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Barcode Label Design

System is specialized for the retail sector contributes to speed up the work by designing and printing of barcode label with the information concerning the product.

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Human Resources System

This system is the main bridge between the employee and the establishment, it is intended for the management of all matters relating to personnel down to the salaries and benefits while providing the ability to obtain the required information’s for any employee easily and accurately.

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Fixed Assets System

System is designed to manage the fixed assets accounts of the establishment with all its data and ratings, and calculate the depreciation of each asset.

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Production And Costing System

System is applied in the establishments operating in manufacturing in order to provide full control of the production process and product cost determination during the production stages that passes by.

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Students Transportation System

This system is developed for the establishments specialized of students transportation to their places of study. The system follows up the ride and descent of the students from the bus, and send messages and notifications to students parents in case of the student does not ride the bus for any reason, by using of smart devices and tablets. The student can also organize his daily trips times from anywhere.

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External Delegates System

System helps establishments that rely on external delegates in the sale process and goods delivery to customers through following up all supply and returns processes for each delegate down to the account statements of each client.

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Bus Reservation And Ticketing System

System does the reservation and ticketing process automatically, seat allocation of the passengers in the bus, printing of travel statements and knowing of revenues and expenses of each trip according to the bus number or driver’s name.

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Development Of All Mobile And Smart Devices Apps

Around the countries is ready to develop all applications for all activities according to the desire of customers on all smart devices (mobiles - tablets).

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